Behind the name : retak

Behind The Name : retak retak

I found this,
On very first,
I hardly take second

I found this,
Because this is actual me
Like a person who lost guts
Who lost hope

I found this,
At night
At first night
I feel something
Very untied, Very fair and square ,Very calm
So cold
Bless away from window

When I found,
I never brush it clearly
I keep blushing
At the different way,
We passes through
Different future
Different life

I found,
I am fleshly crack
And torn

I am reborn
black and white
Cover up the beautiful of colour
Like playing a sword with nipples
Like there is no truth in beauty

I try to flip
Like a winter sudden to spring
But I found,

It is flat
Am I we,
Or us
and I found,

I’m not getting closer
But I am bit by bit dying


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