decide yourself honey

Sunday High

I'm going outside and meet the blue,
I found tomorrow winner is today,
The dream will not ever be the same,
This is the matter of soul,
I'm looking tight to the edge,

Well this is the story about how my life is created here.
Will you ever drought.
I'm not like them.
You're in trouble.
I'm below the light, standing with the blow.
It's not like before.

I create a dream, no one lives,
maybe you are almost the one.

Do it For Me

Do it For Me Now

I regard, Pure sunlight with you,
You are chasing time,
You will be fine.
Life is waiting for us to begin.

Reach to sky,
I will pick up
You are for I,
Comeback to me, as pure as gold

Tonight, is the start.
Do it with me now
Do it for me now
A little touch
Will kill the pain,
the line is waiting,
Here I am
Do it for me now,
I am bagging you,
Do it for us.
Whatever it takes.
No more blow,
because you just turn around my spirit.
Million reason from the touch.
I'm sorry because I need you.