Heart Delivery

I'm sorry, I've been so wrong, once again I feel guilty. It's totally my damn fault. This is reality.
I try everything to make everyone happy. I am fail. I turn this down this world, I am thinking for someone I care. Those sentences, what I've been searching. These kill me,
I'm scared, I feel like a day before I die.
Those past not like today before,
patient destroy me.
By hand or word?
I want to help you, you, you and everyone.
Those are my responsible.
Why I can't
Why I did not.

Bring us along



I will lost my own way without you,
better don't hide.
Just believe it,
That I will still,

Don't you turnaround?
Cause this time I will hold you
I won't watch you bleeding with torn,
Rest will make me keep you,

Make the pair looks stronger,
Somehow pair is what the most beautiful,
Our soul will carry us away,
With the ocean.

Until I found,
A hole,
a key,
to open
your heart,
your soul,
While I will dance around your heart :)

Close your eyes to see

This is our time divider
As you sat away
Is this the new answer?

How could I be so secure,
never turn while playing,

Here is what I try to say,
We are leaven,
Totally turn out away
With the way you play,

What I try to say,
This is real,
a key that I found,
To open a new heart,

Within my fear and faith,
Both will last through the end,
The only I will remember,

I swear I won't copped.
This goes away,

While the morning glory appear,
the way you take off your shoes,
Within this short time,
I've been really dying to reach you

I really found the key,
Close my eyes,
Open her heart,
The light will go through,
Like a moonlight with the sunlight