Re : Birth By Sleep

Now I'm sure this is the truth,
From my own dream,
In the color of morning
passes through the ocean from my own tears
I remember how amazing the world is

I feel like rebirth,
The sunrise
With the violet turn to yellow,
Carry my soul,
To the edge,
We are not waiting,
We are moving.

From now, I believe there is the truth in the end.
How beautiful the earth,
The beautiful of our life,
And life patiently waiting for us.

God create us,
God create all those beautiful,
God create our happiness and beautiful of our feel,

Now I realize,
this is not magic,

Dear mom, dad, family, friends.
I'm sorry,
I'm really sorry.
Those massive came from my own anger.
Your tears are my anger,
Will you apologize me?

This is new born,
I create it,
Now I understand,
I love you,
I'm not searching my own shadows,
It always behind me.
And it never ever catch me.

This is the light,
I will keep shine,
Even I don't belong it,
I will keep it like my own tears.

The air that I breath,
I will keep breathing.
From your movement,
I felt so cold and lovely.

Season always change,
People keep moving,
This is our salvation,
Don't drop your tears,
I will keep you,
With our divation,
Your shadows are mine,

Dearly beloved,
You are my portrait,
Because your heart is so beautiful.
I want to be the one who catch your soul



sHamrock said...

awat hang deep sangat nie. abang hang tak cemnie pun. hahahaha.

annetasha said...

touching sgh aku bca..