Never trade your soul for gold

Just how much important you want it,
believe, your soul are magnificent,
believe, that you are so beautiful
and believe that you will never ever give up.

Carry your heart to the edge and still,
believe you never lose.

This world is full of color,
with rainbows, light and ocean that bring you along the path.

Why don't you just smile,
and believe, you are your soul, not the gold.
care about yourself, don't treat other like you treat yourself.
Dear, just believe that you will carry on and be a winner with color and joy.


Let everything flow, I can take another path

Everyone, go!
I don't need anyone!

Because I can't even give perception and appreciation.
My voice, My word,
Nobody listen, nobody care.

I can choose another path,
a path that nobody use.
a path that can bring me to the natural.

I'm still breathing,
That means I'm still alive.
I can move.
Let everything go. I have nothing