New Book, New Chapter

I am fine, and I'm writing now.
Since I realize, when was the last time I fall,
I really can't remember.

And today is new,
I look at the sky,
It's blue.
I could feel it,

Today, new book created.
Things just change bit by bit,

The brother that I lost for a very long time,
That I miss,
That we shouldn't,
I have it back,
We stick together back

The family,
that always doesn't have any option about choosing,
now they open
a road for us,
a path.

And, it's been a very long time,
I've been patiently waiting for someone,
patiently waiting for someone that carry my heart,
to the edge.

I found you,
I didn't mean,
I have the key,
to open your heart,
I manage to get inside,
and you lock,

Thanks dear,
You are my colorful portrait,
my beautiful soul mate,
and my wonderful smile.

Our heart is pair now,
It's just connecting,
wherever we are,
our heart is one.

I love you.


Never trade your soul for gold

Just how much important you want it,
believe, your soul are magnificent,
believe, that you are so beautiful
and believe that you will never ever give up.

Carry your heart to the edge and still,
believe you never lose.

This world is full of color,
with rainbows, light and ocean that bring you along the path.

Why don't you just smile,
and believe, you are your soul, not the gold.
care about yourself, don't treat other like you treat yourself.
Dear, just believe that you will carry on and be a winner with color and joy.


Let everything flow, I can take another path

Everyone, go!
I don't need anyone!

Because I can't even give perception and appreciation.
My voice, My word,
Nobody listen, nobody care.

I can choose another path,
a path that nobody use.
a path that can bring me to the natural.

I'm still breathing,
That means I'm still alive.
I can move.
Let everything go. I have nothing


Re : Birth By Sleep

Now I'm sure this is the truth,
From my own dream,
In the color of morning
passes through the ocean from my own tears
I remember how amazing the world is

I feel like rebirth,
The sunrise
With the violet turn to yellow,
Carry my soul,
To the edge,
We are not waiting,
We are moving.

From now, I believe there is the truth in the end.
How beautiful the earth,
The beautiful of our life,
And life patiently waiting for us.

God create us,
God create all those beautiful,
God create our happiness and beautiful of our feel,

Now I realize,
this is not magic,

Dear mom, dad, family, friends.
I'm sorry,
I'm really sorry.
Those massive came from my own anger.
Your tears are my anger,
Will you apologize me?

This is new born,
I create it,
Now I understand,
I love you,
I'm not searching my own shadows,
It always behind me.
And it never ever catch me.

This is the light,
I will keep shine,
Even I don't belong it,
I will keep it like my own tears.

The air that I breath,
I will keep breathing.
From your movement,
I felt so cold and lovely.

Season always change,
People keep moving,
This is our salvation,
Don't drop your tears,
I will keep you,
With our divation,
Your shadows are mine,

Dearly beloved,
You are my portrait,
Because your heart is so beautiful.
I want to be the one who catch your soul



Heart Delivery

I'm sorry, I've been so wrong, once again I feel guilty. It's totally my damn fault. This is reality.
I try everything to make everyone happy. I am fail. I turn this down this world, I am thinking for someone I care. Those sentences, what I've been searching. These kill me,
I'm scared, I feel like a day before I die.
Those past not like today before,
patient destroy me.
By hand or word?
I want to help you, you, you and everyone.
Those are my responsible.
Why I can't
Why I did not.

Bring us along



I will lost my own way without you,
better don't hide.
Just believe it,
That I will still,

Don't you turnaround?
Cause this time I will hold you
I won't watch you bleeding with torn,
Rest will make me keep you,

Make the pair looks stronger,
Somehow pair is what the most beautiful,
Our soul will carry us away,
With the ocean.

Until I found,
A hole,
a key,
to open
your heart,
your soul,
While I will dance around your heart :)

Close your eyes to see

This is our time divider
As you sat away
Is this the new answer?

How could I be so secure,
never turn while playing,

Here is what I try to say,
We are leaven,
Totally turn out away
With the way you play,

What I try to say,
This is real,
a key that I found,
To open a new heart,

Within my fear and faith,
Both will last through the end,
The only I will remember,

I swear I won't copped.
This goes away,

While the morning glory appear,
the way you take off your shoes,
Within this short time,
I've been really dying to reach you

I really found the key,
Close my eyes,
Open her heart,
The light will go through,
Like a moonlight with the sunlight



decide yourself honey

Sunday High

I'm going outside and meet the blue,
I found tomorrow winner is today,
The dream will not ever be the same,
This is the matter of soul,
I'm looking tight to the edge,

Well this is the story about how my life is created here.
Will you ever drought.
I'm not like them.
You're in trouble.
I'm below the light, standing with the blow.
It's not like before.

I create a dream, no one lives,
maybe you are almost the one.

Do it For Me

Do it For Me Now

I regard, Pure sunlight with you,
You are chasing time,
You will be fine.
Life is waiting for us to begin.

Reach to sky,
I will pick up
You are for I,
Comeback to me, as pure as gold

Tonight, is the start.
Do it with me now
Do it for me now
A little touch
Will kill the pain,
the line is waiting,
Here I am
Do it for me now,
I am bagging you,
Do it for us.
Whatever it takes.
No more blow,
because you just turn around my spirit.
Million reason from the touch.
I'm sorry because I need you.


Before it goes down,
Nothing would you plan,
When it goes down,

Your new life will soon appear.

One day passed,

One day is coming.

You're on the line,

Not waiting for hope,

But searching for hope.

Do you believe you will find it,

Or rather catch your own dreams,

Million times you try,

It's difficult, to shine again

while holding a new birth stars

pray to God
you will find yourself
and soul
You will.


Kingdom Hearts

For me, this is the most wonderful game that I ever played. This is a combination of square enix and disney. So, there are final fantasy and disney characters. This 3rd person adventure games bring you to every disney world. There are more than hundreds disney character included 6 princess Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, and Alice. I started playing this game since 2004. Until now, I still enjoy playing this games because it shows the kindness of friendship and how much u willing for it. There is much more to say.. visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_Hearts for full story line. Thanks. :)


Behind the name : retak

Behind The Name : retak retak

I found this,
On very first,
I hardly take second

I found this,
Because this is actual me
Like a person who lost guts
Who lost hope

I found this,
At night
At first night
I feel something
Very untied, Very fair and square ,Very calm
So cold
Bless away from window

When I found,
I never brush it clearly
I keep blushing
At the different way,
We passes through
Different future
Different life

I found,
I am fleshly crack
And torn

I am reborn
black and white
Cover up the beautiful of colour
Like playing a sword with nipples
Like there is no truth in beauty

I try to flip
Like a winter sudden to spring
But I found,

It is flat
Am I we,
Or us
and I found,

I’m not getting closer
But I am bit by bit dying